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THOMPSON'S BEACH: PSEG Wetland Restoration?  Or Upland Inundation?

Celebrating 20 years .... The Delaware Bay Home Page thanks the community for its continuing support !

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Coming soon:  “Mudnight Revisited”    It has been nearly 20 years now since PSE&G eyewashed the Thompson’s Beach Road with the two boat launches to nowhere.  And over 20 years since the heated public meetings where they told us it would be functional at even the lowest of tides.   After all,  what would qualify us “locals” to know that the ramps would access nothing more than a bowl of muddy soup with each low tide.   Well, Surprise Surprise – it has been 20 years of nothing but muddy soup, and 20 years of people getting dangerously stranded in the marsh after being drawn in by this “attractive nuisance”.   Some of these incidents have been near fatal.   One of the most heinous of these is known locally as “Mudnight”.   It is a dark tale involving 3 outdoorsmen each with a lifetime of experience navigating the saltmarsh of Cumberland County.   We managed to track these guys down and they begrudgingly agreed to share their story.   And we will the salient details here in a future posting.    We will change the names to protect their identities (We get, this is embarrassing as hell for them).  It start with high hopes for a sunny day fishing in the saltmarsh, and ends with 3 desperate naked muddy men crawling on the roadway in the dead of night.   Stay tuned....     

If you have your own story to share about the boat ramps to hell,  please share it - we will post it anonymously if you ask.    In the meantime, since you are salivating for some mud soup,  enjoy this picture here to hold you over.